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Our job is to simplify the Property Damage Insurance Claims Process. Our company has both the experience and the expertise to assist you through these often trying times. Let us show you how we can assist in getting your flooring back into your spaces quickly and within budget. 


It only takes one broken pipe to damage the flooring on an entire floor within minutes. Even a small, localized fire can damage flooring not only by burning but also due to irremovable odors and soot. In addition, mold is something that must be dealt with immediately as certain types of mold spores are known to be health hazards to both humans and pets. We take care of your every need. We work with your insurance carrier, help you select the right floor and, get you back to normalcy with beautiful, quality flooring materials and professional service.

The experts at California Floor Covering have the knowledge and expertise to work with your insurance company for fast and reliable results so you can get back to life as normal. We will ensure that your flooring looks better than it did before the accident occurred and we warranty all of our work. California Floor Covering will cut through the red tape to get your claim approved and your home back in order. Our Insurance Flooring Specialist will assist you in:

  • Working with the restoration company and insurance representative

  • Sending off samples to ICC along with a completed Validation FormMeasuring of your replacement flooring

  • Recommend currently available flooring products

  • Measuring of your replacement flooring

  • Provide full installation services

Nothing is more important than customer service and your happiness is our goal. No matter how big or small the project, California Floor Covering has got you covered. 

Let us show you how we can assist in getting your flooring back into your spaces quickly and within budget. 


These tips should help your claim process go smoothly with as little disruption as possible:


  1. Report to your carrier ASAP, no matter the time of day or night BEFORE any work begins.

  2. Request your adjuster to perform an inspection ASAP with your vendor. Promptly provide your contractor’s contact info to him/her and your adjuster info to your contractor.  If possible, put them on the phone together while in your presence so they can begin the approval process.

  3. In the likely event that work commences before your adjuster inspects, it is a good idea to make note of the number of workers, their respective tasks and number and type of work vehicles onsite. Take photos of the equipment they have set up as well as photos that show the extent of water damage and saturation. If floor coverings, wall moldings, etc. must be torn out, take photos of the items in place and after their removal so that their style/quality and damage are visible.

  4. If a disagreement develops on scope of work or pricing between adjuster and contractor, or there are delays in inspections, call your agent and request they get involved!

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